State House dismisses rumors of Sata winning

State House dismisses rumors of Sata winning

State House has dismissed speculations and rumors that the final results of the 2011 tripartite elections have been compiled and that Rupiah Banda has been informed.

State House spokesperson Dickson Jere said ‘such rumors are a total lie. President Banda is not aware of the final results that are still being compiled and will, like anyone else, wait for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to announce the results.’

He said President Banda has not met anyone or issued any statement to discuss the purported final results. He the President will only make his position known on this matter once the final results are announced.

‘Attempts by the said editor to create rumors that Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has won the Presidential election are against the Electoral Code of Conduct. Zambians should only believe the results that are coming from the ECZ.’

‘We know that there that there are some people who are trying to create anarchy by taking advantage of the situation. Zambians should remain calm and wait for the final results from the ECZ,’ said Jere

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