State House hatches scheme to replace Nevers Mumba with friendly forces

State House hatches scheme to replace Nevers Mumba with friendly forces

NeversA vicious scheme to remove MMD president Nevers Mumba and replace him with a desperate former MP from Northwestern province has been hatched at State House.
The scheme that is coordinated by Fred M’membe will also see MMD National Secretary Kapembwa Simbao replaced by Muhabi Lungu.
‘The idea is this, the PF is shrinking at a very fast rate and by 2016 will only be strong in Muchinga, Luapula and maybe Northern province so Sata and M’membe do not want any strong Bemba or any person from that region to stand as president as that will spilt the PF vote further,’ State House sources have explained.
The source said at the rate things are going, UPND is gaining ground and any split in the Northern votes will certainly guarantee UPND victory.
‘So, the idea is that the spilt should be but in the opposition camps. So they have identified one former pompous MP from Northwestern who thinks he can be president of the MMD to sponsor and make sure MMD splits the votes by taking Northwestern and possibly Western to MMD while PF will have undivided votes in Bembaland,’ the source explained.
The new MMD under the MP who equates himself with Humphrey Mulemba will just be used and dumped towards 2016 especially that M’membe himself plans to stand in Shiwnagndu as PF MP.

‘Very soon you will see calls for the convention to replace Pastor Mumba. The Money has already been given to M’membe who will coordinate the whole project,’ the source explained.

But the Watchdog is reliably informed that most MMD serving MPs will resist the takeover of MMD by agents of the PF.

In the photo below, Pastor Mumba will soon face internal rebellion sponsored by PF.

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