State House hires NGOs to insult churches

State House hires NGOs to insult churches

Chembe Borniface

State House through Kaiser Zulu has released money to some Civil Society Organisations attending the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to denounce the Church mother bodies and other CSOs not participating in the sham Dialogue pricess.

The funds, according to informed sources, were released to YALI president Andrew Ntewewe and his discredited counterpart Boniface Cheembe (baboon in photo below) last week on Friday.

Just as they have sponsored some disgruntled individuals in various constituencies to denounce Members of Parliament, the CSOs have been tasked to denounce and validate the process which in itself is a sham.
“The hired CSOs are holding a press conference today at 10:00hrs which is being organised by the PF through the MMD media team, and one of the surrogate NGOs registered to attend called Common Ground Zambia run by the MMD die-hard Chairperson a Mr. Chiluba.
“The boys in the MMD media centre Kanchele Kanchela are the ones that are circulating and organising media,” a source has hinted.
The NDF which is currently mutilating and raping the constitution, has been widely condemned by all right thinking Zambians as a sham, which the PF are using to write their own constitution.
So far the NDF has endorsed the return of Deputy Ministers and the continued stay in office of Cabinet Minister during elections so that they can abuse State resources to campaign.


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