State house insults opposition leader for questioning cholera measures

State house insults opposition leader for questioning cholera measures

You have sunk lower than the sewers State House tells Sean Tembo

President of Patriot for economic Progress (PeP) has attracted the wrath of State House with his incessant criticism of government effort to curb the epidermic.

Tembo has been posting on Facebook criticizing the measures to curb cholera as misdirected with his banners.

But Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda would have none of it!

He responded;

“Mr Sean Tembo, the posters you are circulating in opposition to measures put in place to control cholera represents the worst kind of irresponsible behavior one can even think of at a crucial time like this.”

“That is is very crass reasoning for a person passing off as offering alternatives views to those in power.”

“Unlike you, who, from your careless behavior it seems your are resident in cyber space, from where you are casually posting those reckless campaigns, I am in cholera-hit areas twice a day and I can therefore tell you a thing or two about the dangerous behavior you demonstrate in the last three posters:”

“1. That Blocked drainages have nothing to do with cholera: we have picked water samples from various points in town and Soweto market area from the blocked drains and most tested positive to vibrio cholerea, the bacteria that causes cholera! From where then, do you dispute that drains have nothing to do with the epidemic, how low can you sink in your “political drains” to score cheap points?”

“Please don’t fall further down the drains into the political sewers where you are headed!”

“2. That Paper/ litter has nothing to with cholera since it is not paper-borne but water borne: As an opposition leader you need no medical training or any epidemiological expertise to know that litter, some of it loaded with feacal matter, has been picked up from various stalls in and around Soweto and when tested, they were positive to vibrio cholera; further all forms of paper such as plastics, opaque beer packs etc are ending up blocking the drains and the contaminated water is testing positive, so please don’t be simplistic in the face of s problem that’s already impacting GDP numbers as large amounts of money have moved to control measures just four days into the new 2018 budget;”

“3. That Vending does not cause cholera: no one feels that pain of disruption in commerce and trade than those in government because it hurts revenue collection and livelihoods and public services necessary for normal functioning of society, and therefore votes.”

“BUT, decisions to save lives can not be sacrificed for the simplistic platform of appeasement. Whilst an opposition leader like you, (forget your insignificant presence in the real body politic) can enjoy the freedom of irresponsibility, those in government have a huge burden of responsibility. Vending is a huge contributor to the filthy that is causing cholera.”

“Great progress in public information and awareness has been made so Please stop your nonsense and withdraw your disinformation campaigns, this is about life and death don’t politicize what is working. Join the multi sectoral response that is turning the tide against the epidemic.”

“These people include vendors and marketeers, ordinary volunteers giving their time to unblock those killer drains (don’t block them or infect their minds with you cholera-infested reasoning Mr SET); it is dangerous, disinformation and misinformation during an epidemic phase can kill. Withdraw your posters and act more responsibly.”

“Amos Chanda”

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