State House interferes in Ngoma’s theft of ballots

State House interferes in Ngoma’s theft of ballots

Alex Ngoma (right) at the printing plant in Durban. On the left is UPND electoral agent Brian Hapunda

State House has ordered the Electoral Commission of Zambia not to chase Alex Ngoma from monitoring the printing of ballot papers.

Alex Ngoma, the president of FODEP and a lecturer at the University of Zambia was captured on CCTV trying to steal a presidential ballot by hiding it in his diary.

The ECZ had resolved to expel Ngoma from the printing plant but State house is said to have put pressure on the ECZ to let him be.

It is not clear why government wants to keep a thief in the premises where the ballots are printed but sources say Ngoma has been put on surveillance.

One source explained that Ngoma has now been compromised and turned into an MMD ‘agent.’

Ngoma is representing a consortium of NGOs who are monitoring the September 20 elections and could be of great value to the disorganized ruling Party.

And when reached for a comment on what FODEP will do regarding Ngoma’s attempted theft of ballots. FODEP vice president Mirriam Chonya said she has not yet received a full report.

Chonya said she tried to phone Ngoma when news of his attempted theft was made public but that the phone line was bad.

She however said she has asked Ngoma to update his colleagues.

And Gregory Chifire, an MMD cadre has demanded that Ng’oma should be sent back to Zambia to face criminal charges saying the offence that he committed is very serious under the constitution of the Republic of Zambia.

“This is a case of Treason which could have led to the loss of many innocent lives in Zambia due to uncharacteristic political turmoil the Country could have been engulfed in.

“It is clear that this action by Dr. Ng’oma was pre-meditated and pre-conceived by a group of individuals and Organizations whose intentions and motives are clearly known. These individuals and Organizations wish to rubbish the electoral process so that the 20 September elections are either shifted to a later date or the outcome thereof is disputed,’ said Chifire.




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