State House is new and big enough

State House is new and big enough


Number 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime minister was constructed between 1682 to 1684, about 333 years ago. Such an old building is fit for British leaders.

White House, where the presidents of USA reside, was constructed between October 13, 1792 to November 1, 1800 about 217 years ago. Such an old building constructed using slave labour is fit for American presidents.

State House in Zambia was built about 80 years ago and undergoes renovations every year of K 2 million. Now this is the building that is not fit for Edgar Lungu to stay in? The reason being given by Lungu and his henchmen is that the rooms are too small to hold banquets and other feasts. What kind of people are these? In this same ‘small’ house, Levy Mwanawsa grew the economy of Zambia and stabilised the country after the vandalism of Chiluba. He never complained that the rooms were too small for him to eat from.  Why is it that it is only Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu who think State House is too smalll and dirty them for them? Kaunda liberated Southern Africa from that same building. Sata who occupied the building after Rupiah Banda said the building was perfect.



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