State House is not right “Ministry” to manage funded projects

Dear Sir,
I would like to add my word to the debate whether it is the correct thing for State House to manage projects.
It is sad that the current administration is taking Zambians to be stupid and naive such that they can steal our money and make themselves
rich for ever.
I work in the Ministry of Finance and I have witnessed how donor-funded projects, by organisations such as USAID and others, have been aproved by the current Finance Minister and then sent to State House so that the beneficiaries could be invited for a signing ceremony. To this day the money has never been awarded to intended bidders. These are projects which could have benefitted the people, including the youth and women.
The funded projects  came through named ministries which recieved funding from USAID and other donnors. The monies should have been given out more than 9 months ago because from Finance we did all the work and documents were signed by the Minister months ago and yet we are still waiting to see if the rightful winners will be called to be given the cheques by State House.
The point is, State House is not the right “Ministry” to manage funded projects.

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