State House minister steals exam papers for his aged concubine  

Ba Bridget: But how did she manage to get herself a job?

Sikazwe: Old but childish

State house minister Freedom Sikazwe has managed to access exam papers for his concubine and Mporokoso district commissioner Bridget Chitundu who is currently sitting for her GCE O level exams in Kasama. Sikazwe wants Chitundu, a married person and mother to have a certificate so that she can contest the Mporokoso parliamentary seat in 2021.

Sources at the Examinations Council of Zambia – ECZ that earlier this month, Sikazwe lied to some senior officers at ECZ that the papers were actually meant for dictator Edgar Lungu who wanted them for one of his nieces sitting for exams this year. Later after thorough investigations were done, it was established that in fact the papers were meant for Chitundu who had at that time travelled to Lusaka and was lodging at Chrismar hotel.

A report was submitted to police officers in charge of examinations malpractices and hoped that Chitundu would be arrested even before the exams start but to date she has not been blocked and even sat for her first paper today.

The junior officers at ECZ feared that it is likely that Chitundu may further leak the papers and thereby making the exam a fake attempt. They said that since GCE external exams have just started it is never too late to crack down on the DC.


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    Waziri Ramathan Phiri 6 months

    sure!!!!!!!! too bad

  • Chakupapa weeeeeeeee,,,,nikwe tuleya,,,,,,and they are told to lead by example,,,,, is that the exemplary life we want,,,,hell no!!!!!!!! Twapapata lead by example thts one of the values u must portray thts why you are in those offices,,,,,,do we need to start teaching u good moral values aweeeeeeee naime muleibwelamo

  • comedy at its best

  • Yaba – this is normal acceptable behaviour in Edgar’s eyes as doing the right thing is illegal.

  • nganikuno mwesu kumporokoso akesa ponoka

  • so this is what rich people do instead of letting their relatives to work hard but supplying a very hard copy to them.What a terrible shame.?#seandizzyzulu.

  • You are talking of this regime of iliterate people? sorry, am just to learned to argue with people like some of my fellow bembas…who cannot articulate issue fyonse ma politics, ne fyabupuba kucita defend…bwafya

  • Atase ubupuba!!;;