State house mocks nation on Mulungushi Textiles closure

State house mocks nation on Mulungushi Textiles closure

Amos Chanda

Amos Chanda: Japanese investors coming to reopen Mulungushi Textiles

State House Press aide Amos Chanda  has continued to mock the people of Kabwe and the nation by claiming that Mulungushi Textiles has not been closed but paving way for Japanese investors to come and take over but UPND chairperson for labour Percy Chanda has told Chanda to stop fooling people who are suffering and in need of jobs.

Last year, ten days before elections Lungu travelled to Kabwe and addressed cadres on the Mulungushi Textiles premises saying the Industrial Development Corporation had taken over the textile industry which would open and create more than 20,000 jobs. 279 people were immediately hired to start sewing Prison officers and prisoners’ uniforms at the company’s tailoring department, and Lungu called this ‘a textile industry’ but this lie got exposed when the people were sent home and unpaid last week.

In his usual casual approach, Lungu directed his mouthpiece Amos Chanda to concoct another lie that Japanese investors would reopen the industry after replacing the equipment in two years. Chanda has since attacked UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for sympathising with the people of Kabwe who were cheated a week before elections that they would get jobs.

But Percy Chanda challenged State house to name the Japanese investor and wondered what kind of plant rehabilitation would take two years. Chanda said that Lungu has started preparing to massage the Kabwe people with another lie ahead of 2021. Chanda said that Lungu’s drunkenness with power and lies has now been transmitted to his aides who may soon surpass their masters.

“What kind of plant rehabilitation takes two years? this is a gimmick to once again dupe the Kabwe people but Chanda must stop lying and playing with hungry people and at the rate he is going, he will soon surpass his master in the art of deception because he’s also been infected with the state house disease of lies,” said the former PF Kankoyo MP.

During his campaign for the 2015 elections, Lungu again duped people by signing a fake lease with a Tanzanian company Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited – MET and cheated that the company would reopen the defunct company. The lease was to be cancelled in 2016 and again this time Lungu lied that now the government through an investment vehicle IDC would run the textile industry.

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