State House ‘officials’ in juju battle

State House ‘officials’ in juju battle

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-09-52-32President Edgar Lungu has side-lined his personal Sangoma Edgar Ngoma in preference for more potent juju from Kaizer Zulu.

State House officials say there has been a fierce witchcraft battle between Ngoma and Zulu but is seems Kaizer Zulu has won.

During the run up to elections, the Watchdog documented how Edgar Ngoma organised Sangomas from Malawi and Mozambique to fortify Lungu against any calamities and to win elections. Lungu had even promised Ngoma a job as his political advisor to take over from Kaiser Zulu.

When Kaiser Zulu got wind of the promise, he organised his own wizards, mermaids and other evil spirits from Tanzania and West Africa to fight off Ngoma. The result was quick and strong. Lungu side-lined Ngoma and he has been sick from November last year. In fact, up to last week he was in hospital where he had been admitted for close to a month.

“I don’t how you miss this story. But Kaiser controls Lungu by mesmerising him,’ a senior state house official told the Watchdog.

According to state house officials, Lungu can not say ‘no’ to anything Zulu demands.

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