State house officials intimidate PS for disciplining junior

State house officials intimidate PS for disciplining junior

Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali has threatened  Northern Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga on behalf of State House officials Freedom Sikazwe, Kaizer Zulu and a cockroach called Munir Zulu.

Apparently, PS Kamanga has suspended his deputy for some misconduct. In turn, the suspended deputy PS has reported his boss to Kaizer Zulu and Freedom Sikazwe. Zulu, Sikazwe and Munir then started phoning and intimidating senior officials at cabinet office including secretary to cabinet and PSMD boss Chimbwali. Fearing for his job, Chilbwili phoned Kamanga ordering him to exculpate himself to Kaizer Zulu, Munir and Freedom Sikazwe.

PS Kamanga tries to protest that there is no need for politicians to interfere in administrative matters but Chimbwali is not even interested. He just want the PS to exculpate himself even to Munir Zulu whoever he is in government.

Then you wonder why nothing is working in the country under this regime. With such kind of people running the affairs of the country, do you expect sanity or any development?

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    KAMANGA 7 days ago

    all these guys will dance to my tune wait until there is a change of government there is a silent revolution bena kaizser will be my body guards

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    #####tag 7 days ago


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    tasman 7 days ago

    Do we have a president in this country?

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    Julian musaku 1 week ago

    You are wasting your time. The appointing authority is as good as dead. He is an absent president who only knows how to make foreign trips. He has no idea what constitutes civil service operation and he would see nothing wrong in this matter. All his staff and PSs are PF cadres and not career civil servants. You can just tell by their street language. How can senior govt officials use that kind of language?

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    Dominic 1 week ago

    he above story is absolutely shocking.If I had powers,I would immediately dismiss Mr Chimbwali ,Kaizer Zulu and Freedom Sikazwe.Chimbwali is supposed to protect his juniors when outside forces attack them.On the other hand Kaizer Zulu and Freedom Sikazwe have no authority whatsoever to interfere in the day to day running of the Civil Service administration.Mr Kamanga is on firm ground by suspending his junior.He is the Chief Executive of the Province and even his Provincial Minister cannot stick his fingers in his work.

    I hope the Republican President who is the appointing authority of both Kaizer Zulu,Freedom Sikazwe and indeed PS Kamanga will take keen interest in the matter and decisively deal with it.This is absolutely SHOCKING.

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    Mwepeople 1 week ago

    You guys calling others “cockroaches” and all sorts of names, is the main reason why a lot of people don’t respect you and UPND. The disrespect on this site is real and mark my words it won’t earn you votes!

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      What makes you think the calling others cockroachest are UPND?

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    scare crow 1 week ago

    all pipo mentioned in story fuck their mothers ,daughters kikiki fuck small dicks

  • comment-avatar
    sipinya sa ng'aka 1 week ago

    Bembas and chipatans hiring and firing one another who cares? And you wonder why things are going to the dogs?