State house officials, ministers celebrate arrest of HH

State house officials, ministers celebrate arrest of HH

Kaizer, Kampyongo, Mulusa & Chanda toast arrest of HH

DISGRACED State House Aide Kaizer Zulu his counterpart Amos Chanda, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Minister in-charge of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa on Tuesday night celebrated the arrest of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema in style at a pub on 8 Reedbuck road in Kabulonga.

The four senior PF officials took turns boasting how they had made sure they had fixed the opposition leader and how they were controlling state institution.

The officials who were in the company of another mercenary, Lewis Mosho and some former Post Journalist and what looked like prostitutes, drunk the night out and only left 8 reedbuck after midnight.

“Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected,

“Awe kachepa sana. We are in charge …we are serious operatives. In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this should have been done immediately we came from Mongu,” said Kampyongo.

However Chanda who was seemingly concerned about the media backlash said he had already instructed the public media to stop any form of coverage.

“We need to manage what comes out of the media…otherwise abantu must not be fed on this ka HH. We discussed naba Mwamba how we must handle the who thing. We managed to turn the incident in Mongu against UPND. A ka perfect opportunity presented itself kaili nomba balamba ukupapata and they will now recognize P1 as President,” said Chanda.

Chanda who was drinking Savannah dry, also mocked the UPND vice president GB Mwamba.

“Chilya chipuba chi GBM instead chibwele twise lya nacho,” Chanda said.

Meanwhile sources at 8 Reedbuck revealed that the four were regular customers who were servicing huge bills.

“These are our regular customers here. Some times they come here and in one night they can even spend K18, 000 on alcohol. They like to drink these expensive whiskeys like Jameson 21, just the fine the beers,” said the source.

On Monday evening police brutally attacked opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s family beating up workers and his children before they teargased the family.

Mr. Hichilema has since been arrested and is likely to be charged with treason today, a charge many have described as tramped up and meant to intimidate him.

Lungu is emerging as one of Africa’s most brutal dictators. Because of the many atrocities he has committed he is currently in the process of manipulating the constitution for a further extension of his hold on power. During his tenure critical media have been closed down forcing the proprietor of the Post Newspaper to flee into exile. Any oppositing view is met with brute force as what has been happening to the Law Association of Zambia. Just like many dictators, Lungu has hired some “fake” church leaders like Pukuta Mwanza to speak for him.

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