State House officials start selling positions of deputy ministers

State House officials start selling positions of deputy ministers

Presidential affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe, president Edgar Lundu’s senior Private Secretary Daniel Siwo and President Lungu’ assistant for project monitoring and implementation Andrew Chellah are now demanding and collecting money from MPs and promising them Deputy Minister positions.

The PF National Dialogue Forum has decided to reinstate positions of deputy ministers that were removed from the constitution in 2015 to save money. At its next sitting, parliament will rubber stamp the resolutions of the NDF and deputy ministers will be back in office. Seven UPND MPs have so far firmly agreed to receive money and vote with the PF to mutilate the constitution.

According to contacts, Freedom Sikazwe has been boasting that he is in charge of all appointments. Sikazwe, and the cartel of presidential aides he leads only fixes appointments with president Lungu for businessmen at a very lucrative fee.

‘A good example of proper plunder is how 28-year old DANIEL SIWO has amassed huge wealth from just been a john Solyo bwali in Libala where he was being kept by his late mother. Siwo now owns a good number of properties around the country and outside. (Details coming).


Andrew Chela who was just a Barman at Chrismar Hotel and chola boy for Findley last month managed to buy the Presidential watch at $6000.


The only MPs who are already guaranteed of being appointed Deputy Minister are those who jog with the President like Emmanuel Mulenga, Martin Malama and Tutwa Ngulube.


The rest have to pay freedom Sikazwe and his cartel or engage the man in charge of the presidential jogging itinerary.  So far, desperate MPs like Kantanshi independent MP Antony Mumba who is currently in South Africa and his Wusakile counterpart Pavyuma Kalobo have already paid the charged amount.


‘If you want to prove that the President’s only meets business men check through his facebook page and see if he ever he meets ordinarily people or members of his party PF at state house.  The presidency is really under siege from the cartel of Presidential aides who have turned state house into an investment destination,’ said one of our sources.


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