State House orders police to close Watchdog, arrest editors

The new regime of President Michael Sata has directed the police to close the Zambian Watchdog website and arrest all people connected to it.
On Thursday September 29, the police went to the National Registration Office (NRC) and got a copy of Lloyd Himaambo’s NRC whom they believe is behind the Watchdog.
Using the information on the NRC, the police drove to the village indicated on Himaambo’s NRC, some 500 kilometres west of Monze district in Southern Province.
The seven armed police found Himaambo’s 82-year old grandfather and threatened to beat him up if he does not tell them where to find Himaambo.
The police extracted a list of all Himaambo’s relatives and demanded to know where they stay.
After 6 hours interrogating the old man and other villagers, the police left but promised to return.
The police today are I Lusaka trying to locate on relative of Himaambo who lives and works in Europe.
George Chella, the new State house spokesperson gave the police a name of one journalist he believes works for the Watchdog.
The police at headquarters phoned the journalist and told him to meet them last evening.
But the journalist was far so they told him that they will meet him today, Friday.
A police source has explained to the Watchdog the PF regime is upset with the Watchdog for continuing to expose the new regime wrong doings when all other publications are only writing messages of congratulations to the new rulers.
The source said the order to close the website and arrest the editors came from State house on Wednesday.
This is not the first time the police are trying to arrest the Watchdog editors and close the website.
During the Rupiah Banda era, the police tried several times but failed.

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