State house puts together team of thugs to hunt Pilato

State house puts together team of thugs to hunt Pilato

Patriotic Front (PF) thugs Kennedy Kamba, Munir Zulu and Ibrahim Mwamba are some of the people that have been tasked to hunt for musician Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato.

Ibrahim Mwamba is the plump chap walking with president Koswe in the picture.

Police Contacts say meetings have been taking place at State Lodge in Lusaka chaired by Corruption and Political Advisor to Edgar Lungu Kaizer Zulu.

Kaizer Zulu has informed Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police Nelson Phiri and the PIG (Police Inspector General) to facilitate.

.” They really want to harm Pilato and one or two journalists. They have a team comprising Kamba Munir and Ibrahim Mwamba. What I also know is that KZ (Kaizer Zulu) has briefed both the Inspector General the PIG as you guys call him and the Provincial Commissioner Phiri. They believe Pilato is in Lusaka,” the source said.

The source also revealed that the same team attacked the NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge at 5fm radio a week ago.

” It is the same team that attacked and broke the vehicles for the NDC leadership at 5fm. Kamba was even fooling Zambians at a Press briefing that the people were PF sympathisers when it was actually him who was commanding the thugs from the Office of the Commissioner of Police right at the Division Headquarters. Do you think cadres can attack a radio station less than 500metres from the Division Headquarters without the command knowing? It was well planned. We have cadres as Police bosses starting from the PIG himself, ” the source said.

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