State House: RB never said he will attend Bishop Duffy’s burial

State House spokesperson Dickson Jere says president Rupiah Banda never said that he will attend the burial of late Catholic Bishop Paul Duffy contrary to lies by the Post newspaper.
“I wish to dispel the erroneous and misleading assertions by The Post newspaper that His Excellency Mr Rupiah Banda, President of the Republic of Zambia, had planned to attend the late Catholic bishop Paul Duffy’s funeral in Mongu next week’ Jere said.

“The correct position is that the President had prior engagements which he is currently attending to. To this end, considering Bishop Duffy’s indelible contribution to Zambia, the Government will send a representative to attend the burial.

“It is in the same vein that President Banda has already sent a message of condolences to the late Bishop Duffy’s family,” Jere explained in a statement.

He said that “I must put it on record that at no time did the President tell anyone that he would attend Bishop Duffy’s burial in Mongu. If there is anyone with contrary and authentic information, they are free to tell the nation what they perceive to be the truth.”

To, therefore, allege that President Banda has made last-minute changes to his Western Province programme because of political considerations, is yet another vain attempt to mislead the Zambian people on the situation obtaining on the ground, said Jere.

He said President Banda will stick to his programme of delivering development to all Zambians and will continue appreciating the support that he has continued to receive from the entire Western Province. The President will, accordingly, stick to his scheduled programme of visiting all the Zambian provinces.

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