State House releases New Constitution to Chiefs

State House Last week released the New Constitution to selected chiefs under the House of Chiefs in order to discredit it. A senior government official says the Post Newspapers may have printed the copies that have been distributed to various chiefs.
“People are wondering that the Post Newspapers has in the past week running headlines about chiefs complaining about land distribution in the new constitution. People are questioning where the chiefs saw this constitution from since government says it has not received it. The fact is that it is State House itself that released the constitution. We call it the Zambian Watchdog constitution because it was first released by you.We suspect the copies were printed at Post Newspapers and distributed to a number of Chiefs. The copies were not printed by government printers. It was a secret operation. It must be Post Newspapers” the source said.
The source said Mmembe instructs journalists to interview specific chiefs who have already been told what to say.
“This is another scheme between State House and Bwinjimfumu Road (Post Newspapers). They are targeting specific chiefs who are also very close to President Sata” the source said.
For the past one week, The Post has been carrying stories of chiefs complaining about the clause on Land distribution in the new constitution. People including Open Society Foundation President Sunday Chanda have been wondering were the chiefs saw the new constitution since both State House and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba say they have not received ten copies of the new constitution. Government instructed the technical committee to print only ten copies but the Zambian Watchdog early this year released the eleventh copy to millions of people.

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