State House, Sakala, Pilatus motors owner steal vehicles

State House, Sakala, Pilatus motors owner steal vehicles

Joe Huwiler

Another scam in which billions of public funds have been plundered by convict and Daily Nation Newspaper owner Richard Sakala, Edgar Lungu’s spokesman Amos Chanda, Police IG Kakoma Kanganja and Pilatus-Zambia Director Joseph Niclas Huwiler has been uncovered.

In 2016 Amos Chanda using State money bought 10 Mazda pick up vehicles at at a ridiculously high price from Pilatus Engineering.

These vehicles were given to Richard Sakala who is Daily Nation owner and were meant to be distributed to all the 10 provinces for the newspaper staff to propagate PF propaganda and hate speech.

Now here is what happened to these vehicles: Richard Sakala gave two of the vehicles to his concubine Mrs Chibiliti who is Millennium radio station manager and right now one is parked at her farm house in Lusaka west.

Sakala, who has been jailed before for corruption is using one of the vehicles as his personal to holder. He has given two of the vehicles to to his bogus Daily Nation newsroom.

A convict will always be a convict or a thief will always be thief indeed and this is what Sakalanyongo has continued being. Typical of his corrupt nature, he sold the remaining 5 vehicles which the PF acquired using government money and pocketed the money.

Now as things stand, Joseph Niclas Huwiler (in the photo below) the owner of Pilatus Motors, the one who sold these vehicles to the government through Amos Chanda, was this last week reported to police over his continued milking of State money together with Kakoma Kanganja, among other crimes.

But when the wife reported him at Woodlands Police, police refused to arrest the Huwiler, so she wife went to Central police at which she told the police that her husband is abusive and boasts that he bought the Police Inspector general Kakoma Kanganja a BMW.

After being exposed, Kanganja claimed that the said vehicle was given to him by RATSA. Now RATSA has cars to donate? And then the drama began. Instead of arresting Pilatus director, the police arrested his wife for giving an interview to Hot FM in which she disclosed that her husband, Amos Chanda, Kakoma Kanganja and Richard Sakala have plundered billions of State money.

Immediately she finished being interviewed, police and intelligence officers went to Hot FM and demanded the recording. This clearly shows that ailing Kakoma Kangaja, Huwiler and convict Sakala are panicking over this theft. This woman can be assassinated anytime.

One of the interrogating officers revealed that after arresting of Pilatus’s wife, the police took her to police force head quarters where Kanganja is.

But Mrs Huwiler hired a lawyer, Hobday Kabwe to represent her.

Unfortunately, this is the same lawyer for the Daily Nation that convict Richard Sakala has been using to defend him and actually he is a PF cadre who basically is stealing with Kakoma Kanganja and Amos Chanda.

Now this woman does not know that she has hired a wrong lawyer. Huwiler has always been a thief and has always been shielded from prosecution by successive Zambian presidents.

In the photo is Joseph Niclas Huwiler.

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