State House says Lungu won’t intervene in Honeybee drugs a candle

State House says Lungu won’t intervene in Honeybee drugs a candle

By Daily Revelation Reporters

Special assistant to the president for press and public relations Isaac Chipampe says President Edgar Lungu cannot get involved in the $17 million Ministry of Health contract scandal to Honeybee, as permanent secretaries report to the Secretary to the Cabinet, saying only he could act if there is any action to be taken.

And Lusaka doctor, Dr Wezi Sunkutu has charged that the revelations on the Ministry of Health have dented the already dented governance of the current government and wonders how it is going to campaign for the 2021 general elections slated for August 12, 2021.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the claim by Ministry of Health permanent secretary in charge of administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo that she was unaware how the contract to supply the condoms and gloves which did not pass procedural tests, was awarded, despite being one of the two permanent secretaries and despite having attended the flagging off ceremony by minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Chipampe said the controlling officers in ministries were permanent secretaries, and were the ones who must answer when questions of irregularities were raised.

“When you look at the people who were appearing, the PS directly answers to the Secretary to Cabinet, so if there is any action it’s the secretary to the Cabinet to take action. You have worked in government yourself you know how processes work,” Chipampe said, despite the fact that the permanent secretaries are also presidential appointees. “You know who is the controlling officers and the PS supervises the directors so when flags are raised they call the PS.”

On the specific call that minister Dr Chilufya and his two permanent secretaries have some explaining to do on how the contract ended up in the hands of Honeybee Pharmacy without the power of attorney, Chipampe said

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