State house says police will investigate drug trafficking charges

State house spokesperson Isaac Chipampe says the police will investigate allegations of drug trafficking against President Edgar Lungu and Findlay.

Yesterday, Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili accused President Edgar Lungu of using presidential planes to courier illegal drugs with Valden Findlay.

At a media briefing on Monday, Kambwili challenged president Lungu to state the nature of business he is involved in with Findlay, a drug dealer.

Kambwili wondered why whenever Lungu emerges from the door of the presidential plane, the next person to emerge is Findlay.

Kambwili asked Lungu to deny reports that he and Findlay are using the presidential plane to supply cocaine and other illegal substances.

He wondered why the president could be associating himself with a well known drug dealer and partner of international drug-lord Goswami.
Kambwili appealed to the USA to come to Zambia and arrest Findlay.

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  • comment-avatar
    CHIKUBABE 5 days ago

    how can a clean man walk with a dirt man ? its simply means they are all dirt. uwenda nempupu ninshi nao nimpupu.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 6 days ago

    The suspected office is going to lead the investigation? How? People, the fact that a known drug dealer is close to our corridors of power is the real issue. How can our president allow such a thing? Is he drug dealer also? Has he been colluding with Findlay and drug dealers? Why is there no outrage among our people?

  • comment-avatar
    John 6 days ago

    Nothing will happen
    Lungu and the a$$hole Findlay are and the same.
    Zambians wake up fo Christ sake or be killed with these d@gs