State House says Savior chishimba belongs to the sewer

State House says Savior chishimba belongs to the sewer

Chishimba  Kambwili is today expected to expose Edgar Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda for corrupt practices. But Chanda has threatened to sue Kambwili.

Meanwhile, Chanda says Saviour Chishimba belongs to the sewer, (in other words he is shit, urine or both). Chanda was responding to earlier charges by Chishimba that State House is involved in  Lusaka City Council bill boards corruption with Lamise.

“In a race to the bottom, only those who belong to the sewer can win, so I cannot engage in a race to the bottom with anyone. I have absolutely no comment on that one as well,” Chanda said.

Two days ago Kambwili stated on his Facebook page that he will ‘teach’ Chanda a lesson for ‘stealing as though Zambia was his personal country’.

His posting contained a picture of incomplete double story flats in Nyumba Yanga area belonging to Chanda.

“Amos Chanda, on Saturday I will tell the nation about your dirty corruption. I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget because you have lost fear and you are now stealing as though this is your personal to holder country,” Kambwili stated.
“Your friends at State House sold you out because  of your arrogance. You will hear from me soon.”
He further challenged Chanda to explain his source of the money which he was using to allegedly build all over Lusaka.
“He must explain to the nation where he who is just a civil servant with no business acumen has gotten the money to build all over Lusaka,” stated Kambwili.

But Chanda said he would not respond to Kambwili’s rubbish though he has asked his lawyers to carefully study the ‘rubbish’.

“I have no comment, those that want to reveal anything can go ahead and reveal instead of blackmailing; I have no comment on anything. What is going on, we understand, remember what I said, our position remains the same, we are going to ignore all the rubbish that is coming from anyone,” said Chanda. “So I have no comment, the statement I made at State House remains the official statement until it is reviewed, we will totally ignore all these things.”


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