State house security accused of trying to assassinate Sata

State house security accused of trying to assassinate Sata

Traitor Bwanga behind standing behind Sata

THE in-fighting in the Patriotic Front (PF) government has continued but now at State House with some senior security officers being banished on allegations that they were plotting to assassinate President Micheal Sata.

Just this week, Mr. Chiza Mkandawire was removed from being one of the police officers under special duties on suspicions that he was among those plotting to assassinate the head of state.

According to sources, Mkandawire was ordered to vacate his institutional house on allegations that he was leading the assassination ploy.

Some senior State House officials have allegedly been highly divided with those that moved in after the election of President Sata accusing the old and seasoned colleagues of lack of loyalty.

The assassination attempts have been rubbished by insiders at state house and that they were being peddled by identified officials who wanted to get rid of their colleagues.

Sources said Edwin Bwanga the man who stands behind Sata, is the one hounding out his colleagues especially non-Bembas.

In Chiluba regime, Bwanga as Constable, was Sata’s driver, later he went back to join signals dept. Last year 2011 September Sata promoted him from Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner of Police and after one month promoted him again to the rank Commissioner of Police, special duties.

Recently, the watchdog reported that Sata had promoted the grand-daughter 3 times and his former driver to senior police ranks. see story here.

So far, over 95 percent of the non-Bemba security staff that worked with Rupiah Banda have been removed from state house mostly to small police stations while others have been retired.

But security sources have stated that the removal of the old staff has left a lot of gaps in the system.

They said that while the PF was keen to replace all the key positions at state house with its members and close accomplices, the changes have seriously hampered the smooth execution of duties.

There are also accusations and counter accusations at state house between juniors and senior officers as to who is leaking information to the media.

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