State house shifts to Kaoma, Sesheke repeat imminent

State house shifts to Kaoma, Sesheke repeat imminent

Kaoma a sleepy rural district in the Western Province of Zambia has received an instant ‘facelift’, resembling a UFO invasion oddly reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, as Helicopters and dozens of vehicles of all sizes and shapes rumble through the wind swept town that many citizens have only faintly heard about in the past.

This hyperactivity has left the residents perplexed and confused as they watch their little town literally besieged by VIPs and State of the art 4 × 4 SUVs and hundreds of battle hardened police troops perched in their troop carriers as they race up and down the thin tarred and patched single lane highways.

As President Edgar Lungu lands his chopper this morning, the district will be treated to a sight of rowdy and rough looking cadres, as they receive the Head of State who they fondly refer to as ‘Eagle One’, which his political opponents have aptly spinned to ‘Snake One’, out of the President’s own bizarre braggadocio of publicly eating a live serpent at a Special Forces pass out parade two weeks ago.

If this frenzied animation by the President and his multifaceted team was for the purpose of a Presidential election, one would imagine, the resident’s incredulity would be excused. However the reason for this political Tsunami is to compete for a mere Local Government Town Chairmanship seat after a PF induced and paid for resignation of the opposition UPND immediate past Chairman, who defected to the ruling party.

The cross over has cost so much tax money to move an entire state machinery to one location, but tragically and most importantly a precious life has been lost to a brutal execution by PF armed thugs who are still at large, and recent history repeatedly tells us they will remain at large, to roam maim and kill their next victim. Boma ni Boma, oh what a nonsensical and tragic theory.

Zambians are looking up to Kaoma to replicate what happened in Sesheke where ordinary people defeated power mighty and political bullies. Their vote counted and spoke loudly and clearly and they remain the true heroes and defenders of democracy in Zambia. Kaoma must emulate them.

Sesheke Resident

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