State House threatens professor Nawa

State House has threatened to sort out Australian based Zambian Professor Nalukui Nawa for questioning the impartiality of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)/.

State House has also complained against professor Nawa to the University in Australia where he is working, accusing him of supporting UPND.

State house has further issued unspecified threats against Professor Nawa for vising Dubai, the place where the ECZ will be printing ballot papers.

In a threatening email to professor Nawa, Emmanuel Chilubanama the Permanent Secretary State House said, ‘I ask that you refrain yourself from unwarranted attacks on the government because if you carry on like that be ready to face the costly process of litigation’.

Chilubanama has further warned professor Nawa aagainst posting anything about elections in Zambia on Facebook.

The relevant part of the letter follows:

I would like to draw your attention to your supporting of the United Party for National Development (UPND). It has been noted with dismay that from the time you have continued to engage yourself in partisan politics you have done so without consideration of the country’s interests. It has been brought to this government’s attention that you have disparaged the government at many forums around the world where every opportunity has been given to you. The Government of the Republic of Zambia is really disturbed with the sudden unpatriotic conduct that you have assumed all in your interest to promote the status of the UPND, a political organisation within Zambia. Prof. It is not difficult to see that you have chosen to trade off your revered objectivity and become a government critic.

I feel it is not a battle you can take anywhere to fight this government for no cause even when you have denied every chance accorded to you by this government to be heard. Prof. where is your patriotism gone? My point being, you are taking the in-house affairs on the wrong forums where it is expected you will display patriotism and talk about the success Zambia is scoring in different area of governance. Whilst, it cannot be argued that all is well, it however, calls for civility in handling matters, especially national matters on the international forum. Shall I state at this moment that I have observed with sadness your attempts to demean the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) who you have aligned to the government even when you know very well that they are an independent body.

Your Facebook posting which I believe was meant to reflect a bad picture on ECZ and the Government of Zambia that they have been working together to manipulate the August, 2016 elections sends a wrong message to the world. It is sad that a governance specialist like you would chose to focus on baseless presumptions of vote manipulation when the Electoral body is a very autonomous and non partisan. Prof. I would appreciate it if you used your time to tell the country how the ECZ planned manipulate the elections and make this government aware as well unlike the way you have been steering this issue.

The government concerns itself with such baseless statements because of the risk that could arise from the citizens that end up believing anything they come across in the media. Again, let me state that the government has no issue with your visit to Dubai which is in line with your works on governance.

But it is not going to be entertained that your stay in Dubai results in breach of peace here in Zambia. It shall not be allowed that your stay in Dubai is bent on causing havoc to the electoral management of our country. Besides, be informed that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has complained about your partisan politics and the security risks it poses to the country through the Victoria University of Wellington.

At this point, I ask that you refrain yourself from unwarranted attacks on the government because if you carry on like that be ready to face the costly process of litigation.

Yours in State Service, Emmanuel Chilubanama Permanent Secretary State House Phone +260975191476 +260961624954 +260211265556 +260211266503 P.0 Box 30135, Lusaka, Zambia.

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