State House, traffic Police officers want HH for 2016, writes PF website

State House, traffic Police officers want HH for 2016, writes PF website

Edgar-LunguAn article published by Zambia Reports, a website funded by State House and Rupiah Banda but controlled by Henry Banda, has revealed that even the police officers who guard president Edgar Lungu are not happy and want Hakainde Hichilema to take over in 2016.

Here is the article published by the PF website:

Police Officers face suspension pending disciplinary hearing for calling for regime change. One senior Traffic Police Officer in Charge of traffic and two other Juniors officers from a named Police Station may soon be discharged from the Police Service after a private conversation they had been having was mistakenly broadcast live on Police Radio calling for regime change in 2016.
During the time a named President [There is only one president in Zambia Lungu and he was returning from Tanzania] was coming back in the country from a known destination, the 3 police officers now said to be sympathisers of the largest Opposition political party, were having a private conversation calling for regime change in 2016.
“Aba ba Sakalanyongo, baletichusha sana, everyday route lining just to pick up one person. Let then wait for 2016 and he must be sent packing. Uyu wine, HH let him just come and rule maybe things will change” a senior police officer was telling her juniors not knowing she had mistakenly pressed the button on the radio and the conversation was being broadcast live.
The other two junior officers nodded in agreement. “What is he scared for him to just be moving without all this tight security. As if the Presidency has a threat from ISIS or Al Queda”.
This message was being monitored by both State House Security and the Police Command and soon as the President arrived, the Police Command sent the District Traffic Officer to take over the duties and at the named station and sent the officers packing awaiting their fate after consultations with the Head of State who is Commander of Armed Forces.

The revelation by the PF website shows the level of discontent in government. If people who guard Lungu are not happy, what more mere civil servants and the general public?
Lungu may fire these officers but what this clearly shows is that it is the entire police, military and even security guards who are not happy. The only happy people are a few commanders who get hefty pay.
Things are bad in the country. Was it not just last week that a minister resigned? We shall wait and see.

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