State House confirms Watchdog revelations that Luo has been re-alligned

State House confirms Watchdog revelations that Luo has been re-alligned

President Michael Sata’s mouth-piece George Chellah has finally confirmed that president Michael Sata secretly transferred Nkandu Luo  from the ministry of Local Government.

In comfirming thre details by the Watchdog two days ago, Chellah added that Sata has also swapped two other minister. He said Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has been made Minister of Energy, and Water Development, taking the position formerly held by Christopher Yaluma.

Yaluma will now become Minister of Works, Supply, and Communications.

Nkandu Luo  has been relegated to the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, while Emerine Kabanshi will become the new Minister of Local Government.

Two days ago, the Watchdog revealed that:

Sata secretly demotes Prof. Luo, re-aligns her to look after Chiefs.

President Michael Sata has secretly re-aligned Local Government and Housing Minister, Prof. Nkandu Luo, by demoting her to the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to take over from Emily Kabanshi who has been

Re-aligned Prof. Luo

promoted by re-aligning her to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

The secret changes, coming barely a few days after some ministries were abolished and new ones created, are with immediate effect.

It is not clear why the president has demoted Pro. Luo, but sources say it is because of Luo’s uncompromising stand in wanting to remove the street vendors that has angered State House who are opposed to moves to clean the streets.

Ms. Kabanshi is barely three months at the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs as she was recently re-aligned from Ministry of Gender that had been abolished and later created, in what has become Sata’s tradition of abolishing and re-creating.

In terms of Ministerial portfolios and ranking, Prof. Luo’s appointment in the new ministry is a demotion.

Luo’s new Ministry does not even have national structures, in Districts, just like the Gender Ministry headed by Inonge Wina. They both fall under Cabinet Office and have no directorates.

It is not the first time the president has quietly shuffled his people. Recently, Dr. Kaunda’s son Panji was demoted from the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications.

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