State houses plagiarises pictures in shoddy propaganda

State houses plagiarises  pictures in shoddy propaganda

Heads Must Roll
By Dickson Jere

I rarely comment on the work of State House – media team – because I once served in that role and I understand the pressure and difficulties that come with those jobs. However, certain mistakes can never be forgiven. One such is this one where the Presidential handlers used picture of road construction from another country saying it was in Zambia!
Just how?

State House has two full-time photographers backed by ZANIS team. How can one embarrass the Head of State in this manner and still keep the job? My brother Isaac Chipampe ought to be firm and make sure those running the Facebook page of the President are read a “riot act”.

My comment is actually triggered by the fact that I am a practicing Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer and one of the things we frown upon badly is plagiarism! You cannot use someone work (picture in this case) without attributing it to the author. What if Zambia is sued???? This is embarrassing to say the least and will soon go viral on international press.

We need to respect the office of the President and maintain the required decorum. Using someone picture from another country is simply unforgivable!

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