State of emergency: police delete critical facebook page after arresting, torturing owner

The secret police last Wednesday arrested one of the persons running a facebook page called ‘Zambia Accurate News Services’, tortured her and forced her to give them passwords which they later used to delete the page.

A  Mutinta Lushoma was picked up from her home on Wednesday night in Lusaka and thrown into cells where she was mortally beaten/tortured until she disclosed her Facebook password to intelligence officers who deleted the page on Friday.

Mutinta is believed to still be in detention at  unknown location.  She  was tortured when she at first refused to disclose her accounts. She was inhumanly beaten and tortured until she gave bloody hungry officers her password who eventually deleted her facebook account.

According to intel, a group of  OP experts working together with ZICTA are hunting administrators for online media that are opposed to the government.


  • Madam ngoma u re a foolish woman. No wonder u can not differentiate wisdom and theft of power. I even wonder what kind of woman u re by awarding a pathetic credit of wisdom to ECL considering the nonsense happening in our beloved country. People don’t vote for them, since they re natural thieves they steal their way to the throne. 2021 no more.

  • I meant to say that common sense is un common in this part of the world.

  • Common sense is in common. We need to start teaching children as early 6years why we vote.

  • if she is still in detention at an unknown location, then how come u know of her being beated and tortured? u did need to get ur strories straight man ur the people causing enviromental unrest for no beneficial purposes at all, lets advocated for peace and not mulomo

  • Balulamitocha one one bafik

  • Where is Democracy and freedom of speech?

  • what,s the hell is happening in this beautiful county

  • Yeye no other opinions wanted our leader will think for the masses and decide what information if any he’ll share with his subjects. Zambia will remain a rich impoverished backward country for the foreseeable future, blessed with natural resources cursed with incredible ignorance.

  • watchdog patali

  • Good riddance


  • Yayayaya its hard now

  • she can still recover it.

  • she can still recover it.

  • You are busy talking but saying there is no human rights in Zambia.wait not until you stop talking that’s when you will know what dictatorship is.

  • how did you survive ba watchdog. you should be next

  • Good move by Police because such media carries potential to tear this lovely country apart.

  • Job well done ba police

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      Kc-kingdom citizen 8 months

      Thumbs up ZP and Op, next should watchdog.

  • they shud also close dis fucking page so dat u’ll be wild dogs wafikala!

  • Please ba zicta, when are you going to catch this fool runing the watchdog? am sure the dogs tail is now between its bats.

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  • The internet is here to stay.
    It’s not possible for dictator Edgar Lungu’s PF regime to close access to all websites.
    The PF regime can interfere in one website’s operation but another one,using a different name,will be set up.
    If there’s morality,the rule of law and tolerance of different political views the PF regime will receive less criticizm and there will be no need for the regime to interfere with websites.


    The owner of the “Zambian Accurates” (one of Zambia’s influential online media) has been arrested and badly tortured by police, before deleting her Facebook account page. Police sources in Lusaka have today confirmed that Ms Mutinta Lushoma Haabasune was picked up from her home on Wednesday night in Lusaka and thrown in secrete cells where she was badly beaten/tortured until she disclosed her Facebook pass word to intelligence officers who deleted it today. Ms Haabasune is still in detention in unknown location.

    She was arrested for allegedly running an online media that oppose the PF government. Zambian Accurates facebook page has been disabled by a combined team of state house security officers comprising of intelligence and police officers. Mutinta was tortured when she at first refused to disclose her accounts. She was inhumanly beaten and tortured until she gave bloody hungry officers her password who eventually deleted her face book account, hence Zambian Accurates is now no longer on facebook. This is the second time for this lady to be attacked by police. 10 days after HH’s detention, Mutinta had her house raided and five computers taken by police offers. She spent 36 days in South African Hospitals.

    This is how cruel Edgar Lungu is. He is now using his State of Emergency to kill owners of online Medias opposed to him. This is sad. So the Zambian dictator Edgar Lungu has now managed to forcefully close down “Zambian Accurates” We understand over 100 OP experts working together with ZICA are hunting admns for online media that are opposed to the government.

    Indeed this is sad! But who is the next victim?

    But how many people is Lungu going to kill just to hold on to power?

  • How about KACHEPA???

  • Just looking at the comments, its wako ni wako. Dull easterners busy supporting rubbish. No wonder they are ever behind and always the last to change politically.

  • kanshi nabena ba op na ba police balimona ka. Even though there should be freedom of expression but it should not be in that type Zambia accurate did it

  • Zambia the real Africa kkkkkkkkkkkkiiii

  • Though the picture used is for the Zambia Army in kasama taking a walk in kasama last week.

  • Wonderful. On to the next one!

  • We are slowly becoming like South Korea no human rights or freedom of speech.Where is democracy in our land?I am not political but I believe in freedom of speaking and expression.Remember when a new party takes over you who are happy today will be crying.

    • The problem is with us the citizens of this great nation. We abuse our rights with impunity. Freedom of speech is not about depriving other people’s rights by reporting force stories about them or insulting others no.

    • I think you are mistaken,you are speaking of North Korea,South Korea has a healthy democracy.

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        OneNation 8 months

        Ba Glenda has no idea what she is writing about.

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    OffshoreBankAccount 8 months

    Let’s forget good English. she may be foolish and she may or may not have been tortured. I suspect this story is as genuine as most I see posted on this site. i.e. fake news. What matters is that our bank accounts are safe, while you quarrel like kids!

    We must rally against all those Zambians who want to think they are free. They don’t have offshore bank accounts like us. So they should shut up or go to prison.

    house prices in London and New York are not cheap so stop complaining or we will come for you!

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    OffshoreBankAccount 8 months

    Nic Kay, you are so right – “Fake Zambia Watchdog you are next”. Lets get these people and stop them. they are very, very bad people.

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  • Mutinta foolish and dull. She has been publishing the names of her reporters in all provinces. Her self too, including the deputy admin. She even boasted that the police have assured her of protection and that of reporters.

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  • It’s seems to some people that NEWS is only what ZNBC, daily nation or daily mail writes. I wonder where they got such thinking! Do you really look beyond Zambia to hear and learn how the media operates and broadcasts? Here people present report and no one analyses or questions. It amazes me how we want NEWS to be, so traditional and always only what some nicompoomps, dimwits wanna here.

  • Fake Zambia Watchdog you are next

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    OffshoreBankAccount 8 months

    This is a Christian nation. Jesus was innocent. Pontius Pilate asked what wrong he did, but the crowd said “crucify him!”. The crowd did as they were told by the high Priests and even his cowardly disciples deserted the Lord. Lungu is good. He is acting out the story of the Passion of Christ. HH must die for all our sins. God Bless Chagwa!

  • Please not always political news. what about other issues. We tired of politics.

  • Wow you all are so busy arguing you don’t even see what the government is doing to Zambia. This isn’t even dictatorship, it’s oligarchy. Next, like Adolf Hitler did, they’ll be sending opposition to gas chambers.

  • watch your back. you maybe next

  • Am in support of that move by zp