State of Lukulu road

This is the road that links Lukulu district to the rest of the country.

Massive infrastructure for sure


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    Muta Mutai 1 week

    “Hope Her Honour The VP Will find time to travel on the same road as she is in the province mobilizing for the Head of State” Or will she fly over the road! Sad development! Peace, Love and Goodwill to all Zambians!!

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    Yes these are massive development being bosted by our beloved PF. Sonta epo wabomba. I really like this.
    Now, instead of politicking, let’s bring these to the attention of fellow Zambians and let the Zambians be the judge for the type of leadership they put in power.

    God bless Zambia for their wisdom to chose Sane leaders for they are surely leading them to prosperity.
    It reminds me of Titanic ship -the unsinkable ship which they innovators said even God can not sink it. That is PF for you.

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    dlamini 2 weeks

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    Buffalo 2 weeks

    One woneond what kind of christian nation where some animals are nore aqual than others

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    do not fool people,they ar seeing what you are not doing for them.come 2021 mukalila bakalamba

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    Mphangwe 2 weeks

    When some tribes complain of one-sided development they are labeled tribalists. Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern provinces have more than two roads linking them with the rest of the country. Lukulu road has been like this since I don’t know but Luapula now has, on top of Tuta road Mansa Kasama road and a contractor is now on Kawambwa Mporokoso road, Northern/ Eastern has Mbala-Nakonde road and Isoka Chama Lundazi Chipata roads. Look at Solwezi Chingola road (now being patched), Solwezi Mwinilunga road, Kaoma Kasempa road, Nakatindi road, Lusaka Mongu road and the Katunda Lukulu road. God save us!!

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    Maano 2 weeks

    Impressive work by PF. Spreading development to all corners of the Country indeed!