State of the Nation Address (Zambia)

 State of the Nation Address (Zambia)

17264957_1258018594318233_3034831466132716514_nDear Editor

After listening to the address by my president Edgar Chagwa Lungu I beg to disagree with
Him on the problems affecting our country. We have 5 main problems affecting
Development in Zambia:

1. Presidency Capture:
Its now visible My President has been captured by
RB and Kaizer. I don’t think he’s operating at full capacity if not
Then he’s just incompetent. These thugs are derailing him and if
Not checked they will take him down. It’s now up to all well meaning
Zambians to help liberate our president.he needs our help as Zambians.
This is not about being MMD, PF or UPND it’s about being Zambians.

2. Edgar Vs HH:
Right now the only person who knows who won the 2016 elections is
Edgar and he needs to sort out this mess. How he sorts it out only him knows.
Let him allow the petition hearing to take place it clears the air. Otherwise him keeping
Quiet and sending minions like Amos to talk won’t work. The poor are suffering in the end as more resources are spent defending things that can’t be defended.

3. The Post Vs Edgar
This is the fight I believe Edgar would have used to make a good name for himself. This has exposed My President of having fear of the unknown. I believe he would have sorted this issue to prove to people that dialogue works and allowed ZRA to negotiate
The Tax bill with the Post in a more transparent manner. Now he’s shit on himself by allowing RB and Mosho to deal with the issue in his name. This issue has messed up
The other arm of government the Judiciary to a level where they are sitting on filthy the day they stand it will smell badly up to state house. This thing is soon going to smell as the chaps used to execute the downfall of Post are amateurs and crooks. How can one use Robert Chabinga honestly?

4. The Daily Nation Vs Post Vs Envy
Richard sakala now has shown how envious he has been of the Post by doing exactly the
Same thing that led to the downfall of the Post and on top of it has recruited incompetent managers from the Post. This is the guy My President has allowed to be his
Praise singer and this is causing confusion to the presidency by not providing checks and balances. The Paper is worse than the two govt papers. The presidency needs to quickly abandon this guy otherwise he’s causing resentment from the public.Both Fred and Tricky Dick should retire and leave the media to new ideas and take their beef to the farms.

5. Incompetent Judiciary and Parliament:
The Judiciary is a sorry sight right because the Chief Justice is dead together with his team. The Judiciary is divided between the good and the bad judges. The bad judges are comprised of cadres and political appointees even when they never deserved those jobs. The constitutional court bench is a joke and some local courts officer can even do
A better job. The presidency needs to bring back our Chief Justice to life and arm her with the power she needs. Otherwise we are a laughing stock.

For parliament, the problem is the Speaker. Actually UPND MPs should take the fight
To him also. The man Abrogated the constitution by not taking up the presidency when
The petition was being heard so in essence the man is illegally there. Constitution office bearers swore to protect the constitution which he has failed. He needs to be told. The walking out of the MPs is their democratic right and I won’t comment further. Our parliament is one institution which is a disgrace to our country. Its filled with a bunch of
Incompetent and worthless old men and women.

In my conclusion, My President needs to look at these 5 areas. He has my support. But
He needs to start working by first allowing the petition to take place then he gets full national approval.

Ndolomba Chilufya

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