State of the nation address

Since ailing dictator Ukwa Chumbu Mushololwa does not want to give the State of the Nation address, and the Catholic Bishops have given theirs, the Zambian Watchdog would like to fill in the vacuum and help Ukwa address the Nation.

Dear Country Women, Men, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Zambia is on Auto Pilot. In short there is no leader in Zambia.
The Executive Wing of government, which is supposed to be headed by the President does not exist.
The leader of the Executive is a queer Newspaper Editor.

The Judiciary has been hijacked. The Newspapers Editor now has even started appointing Judges.

The newly appointed Supreme Court Judge Albert Wood is a relative to Fred Mmembe.

Albert Wood’s brother Dennis is married to Monde Wood. Monde is Fred Mmembe’s cousin.

She was the board chairperson for National Airports Corporation Limited when Zambian Airways refused to pay airport fees. Maka Chilombo Phiri the new High Court Judge is a PF cadre. She is behind the letter to the Electoral Commission of Zambia that barred Dora Siliya, Sililo and Maxwell Mwale from re-contesting their seats. A situation that led to the Wynter Kabimba tribunal that is being headed by Evans Hamaundu Kabimba’s friend who has been appointed Supreme Court judge. She is also the star witness in that Judge Chikopo tribunal.

Dear Citizens,
The President is on Sickbay. He is suffering from memory lapses, among other multiple ailments. He calls people to his office then after some time he asks them who called them. When they tell him it was him, he says I have forgotten go I will call you when I remember.

But it is not only the executive that is gone. Even the judiciary is gone. Lombe Chibesakunda the Acting Chief Justice has turned the judiciary into Kantemba. The highest bidder gets it all. But even the Legislature is gone.

The Speaker Patrick Matibini is also a PF party cadre. He curtails any progressive debate in parliament. It is not only the Speaker who is a culprit.
Even MP’s. Most of them spend time sleeping. Very few debate. At least the moderate one like Nkandu Luo and Miles Sampa spend time browsing the Zambian Watchdog. When they are tired of dozing in parliament, they go to terrosrise school girls at that sex den called Parliament motel.
Haa it is not only the executive, judiciary and legislature that are on deathbed. Even the general population is sleeping. It does not know its rights. Docility has engulfed the general population delivery of services by the government is seen as a favour to them.
Corruption is the order of the day. The ACC is fast asleep. The Zambia Police died in 2011. All those you see in Police Uniforms are dead bodies exhumed from Lilayi.The Intelligence is dissected. It has cadre intelligence officers who can go direct to Sata’s Sick bed and file reports and those who do not even know whether the President is alive or not. The Drug Enforcement Commission has turned into a State financed Terror Organisation.
An organisation financed by tax payers to harrass the tax payer.The Zambia Revenue Authority has now developed a motto of pay bribes not taxes. Nurses and Journalists have become endangered species.
By-elections are order of the day. Oh no. Even the Civil society is in deep slumber. Yaba. Even the Church is sleeping. Jesus Christ may find most of members of clergy fast asleep. Fornicators and Sex Maniacs like Father Richard Luonde continue winning more souls to themselves than to the body of Christ.They have more girlfriends than disciples.
No ! even the Catholic Bishops and priests are feeling shy to apologize to Zambians for bringing them this suffering in the name of PF. Only one of them by the name of Frank Bwalya has done so. The supposedly President is running the country through Face Book. Oh no the Air force has more drinking clubs than planes.
Yaba, the Army has more luxury vehicles than Guns and Ammunition.
Oh. Even traditional leaders like Chieftainess Nkomeshya and Mpezeni have become cadres. Senior Citizens like Kenneth Kaunda have become the worst cadres.
It is a very sad state of affair.

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