State security operatives seize court, HH will be bundled and driven to Mukobeko

State security operatives seize court, HH will be bundled and driven to Mukobeko

Hakainde Hichilema

More security has been reinforced at the Lusaka magistrates court where Incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is expected to appear in court tomorrow in the matter where he has sued Christians for Lungu coordinator and Religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili, but like we earlier reported the matter may not take place but HH will be driven to Mukobeko amid dramatised tight security of a convoy of vehicles with low flying choppers.

A Zambia Prison service source has told the Watchdog that truckloads of prison warders and police officers from the nearby town of Kabwe have been dispatched into Lusaka for the operation as Lusaka has been declared unstable following revelations that well trained soldiers could be involved in the gutting of Lusaka City market, sending Edgar Lungu to live in fear.

“Most of the people already stationed in Lusaka will be scattered in the whole district so there has been a decision to call for reinforcement at the court and strict instructions not to allow anyone, not even journalists to cover HH at court tomorrow. After court, he will brutally be bundled in an uncomfortable vehicle and hurriedly driven to Mukobeko while some choppers will hover all over the way just to dramatise the whole event,” said our source.

More people that are expected to be rounded up will also be driven together with HH to Mukobeko where they will be tortured by PF cadres clad in police uniform. Lungu wants HH dead at all costs before turning to his internal perceived enemies like Chishimba Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge and even Tutwa Ngulube, his once darling lawyer who declared him winner at the controversial Mulungushi Rock PF conference.

Meanwhile, a State house source has disclosed that some foreign countries concerned with democracy have called on Lungu to abort his mission to conduct mass arrests in the dark hours tonight and allow democracy to prevail. The countries that are opposed to Lungu’s dictatorship have been withheld but are mainly outside the continent while two are in the neighbourhood.

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