Stay home if you have no message, we are capable of hitting back hard- UPND’s Matambo warns PF thugs

UPND Chairperson for Copperbelt Elisha Matambo has warned that his party was capable of hitting back hard at the PF thugs that have exported the PF violent behavior to peaceful political parties.

Reacting to the attacks on some UPND members and the defacing as well as removing of UPND campaign posters and billboards, Matambo said the UPND patience has been tested too far.

“We have so far called for peaceful and issue based campaigns. Our members have so far refrained themselves from violence PF behavior which all Zambian know. Our call for peace is not a sign of weakness on our part as UPND because we are capable of defending ourselves with the full-force it deserves if nothing is done urgently.

The PF have been known to be a very violent political party going by the way they have conducted themselves in their intra-party struggles.

But they better not bring their violence and uncivilized behavior to peaceful political parties such as the UPND,” Matambo warned.

He urged the PF thugs to stay at home if they have no message to tell the Zambia people, especially that their candidate Edgar Lungu has already confessed that he has no vision and no new message to sell.

Matambo warned that any attempts to provoke UPND members any further will lead to ugly scenes on the political front and the UPND would not want to be part of that bloody confrontation.

“Unlike the PF who are using resources obtained from corrupt government deals, the UPND materials, such as billboard, posters, and other campaign materials that are being destroyed are being generated at a great sacrifice to party members and sympathisers who are generously contributing,”

He also reiterated that the UPND party president Hakainde Hichilema has so far been well received in all parts of the country spreading messages of peace, unite, and we are conducting an issue-based campaigns and not violence.

“The PF have no message on job creation for the youths, no message for the famers, no message for the miners, no message on education and health, there only message was violence throughout their 3 years rule,” Matambo said.

Matambo called on the police to quickly cage the thugs because the UPND also know where pangas are bought, but would not like to take that route for now.

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