Still no hope of freedom for detained Ultimate Insurance owners

Still no hope of freedom for detained Ultimate Insurance owners

Marshlands Consortium Limited Directors are still detained at Kamwala remand prison, almost a month after they were jailed over ownership dispute of Ultimate Insurance company.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has now established that Covid19 test  results for one of the Marshlands Consortium directors were swapped, replaced by fake ones at the magistrate’s court.

Tobias Milambo, a chartered insurer, Nachi Musonda, an insurer of Chongwe and Richard Lubembaof Chalala an insurer are charged with forgery and uttering false documents over the ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company. The three are in a deadly ownership dispute of the insurance company with Tomorrow Investments Limited owner Chanda Katotobwe Katotobwe who is pulling the strings from the background to have his rivals detained.   Read detailed Background here:

On 7 September 2020, the three were sent to jail while waiting to appear in court and have not been released ever since. One of the directors did not appear in court because she had tested positive for Covid 19. But prosecutors decided to accuse her of forging Covid 19 tests results and the magistrate even issued a warranty of arrest for her and reported her lawyers to LAZ. But insiders have now revealed that all this was planned in order to intimidate the lawyers and have the directors jailed so that Katotobwe can grab the company. Someone swapped the original Covid19 results and put fake ones that were later presented to the magistrate who also appears not be interested in anything the detained directors were saying. See the original results on the one paged document and the fake ones on the two-paged documents.

According to sources in the police, the swapping of results shows how determined Katotobwe is to make sure that his rivals are jailed at all costs and truth is not important in this case, only money is.

The defence had told the court that one of the accused persons, Musonda, missed court because she had come into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and was out in quarantine before presenting a medical report for their client.

Meanwhile, bank statements seen show how Katotobwe and his wife Felicitas Kabwe Chibamba have been  living large, buying houses in Sunningdale for K6 million, paying one Antony Mbewe K2 million, withdrawing cash of K500, 000, K300, 000 etc almost on weekly basis.

The detained directors are still struggling and praying to the High Court to reprieve them from the hands of injustice that have firmly gripped them. It is believed that one of the government officials involved in the case is held at ransom. The spouse of the official molested a minor. But that is a story for another day.

This is not the first time that Marshlands directors have been abused by the police and court at the instigation of Katotobwe.

In July  2019, Lusaka magistrate Lameck Mwale  discharged these same directors of Ultimate Insurance Limited who were accused of stealing over K470,000 from their employer and engaging in money laundering involving K600,000 after the prosecution and complainant failed to appear in court.

Magistrate Mwale further discharged their co-accused who was charged with impersonation and uttering a false document.

In this matter, Nachi Musonda and Richard Lubemba were given fake charges with 16 counts of theft by directors and a count of money laundering, whereas, Haanyimbo Milambo was charged with impersonation and uttering a false document.

Particulars of the offences from count one to 16 alleged that between January 1, 2018 and May 1, 2019, Musonda and Lubemba, being employed as directors at Ultimate Insurance Limited, stole K479,668.35, property of their employer which came into their possession by virtue of employment.

In count 17, it was alleged that on the same dates, Musonda and Lubemba, whilst acting together with others unknown, engaged directly or indirectly in business transactions that involved K600,000, property acquired from illegal activities.

In count 18, Milambo was alleged to have on the same dates and with intent to defraud, falsely represented himself by issuing a letter dated May 10, 2019 purporting to be a Managing Director of Ultimate Insurance Limited, when in fact not.

And in the last count, it was alleged that Milambo, whilst acting with other persons unknown, knowingly and fraudulently uttered a false document namely a suspension letter, dated May 10, 2019 to Patricia Shikwe, knowing the same to be false.

But when the matter came up before magistrate Mwale, lawyers informed the court that the complainant and prosecutors were not before court and had not communicated.

The court freed the accused persons.

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