Stinking tribalism

Stinking tribalism

Ba Watchdog
The tribalism in this reshuffle is nauseating. Edgar Lungu has moved Sturdy Mwale and replaced him with Phiri who was in Luapula. Meanwhile Phiri has been replaced by Mushota. Mushota who was at Infrastructure has been replaced by Mwenya. Mwenya was at Cabinet office. The statement was issued by Chimpampe, whose boss is Simon Miti.

Mean while the PS who died at Blue Nile Lodge was Chileshe Mulenga. U don’t need to guess who Lungu will replace him with.

Zambia is officially a divided country under Lungu and the PF. They have done to Zambia in 10 years what other 4 Presidents before them failed to do in 45 years of the country’s existence. PF has taken the country on a trajectory that we never taken before and were afraid to try and experiment on. We don’t know the outcome of this foolish PF silent policy but from what other countries have gone through, the end of such a trajectory is never a good sight.


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