Stop blaming God for economic mess, Kabimba tells PF

Stop blaming God for economic mess, Kabimba tells PF

10174861_303103986525641_3582921624637898182_nWynter Kabimba says there is need for people not to blame God for the country’s economic mess.

And Kabimba, the Rainbow Party’s general secretary and presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections, says the country’s governance system is full of selfish leaders who only want to serve themselves at the expense of providing quality leadership to the people. Kabimba said, on Sunday during a public forum organised by the Press Freedom Committee of The Post at Choma Hotel, that the current socio-economic inequalities were unfair and it was the responsibility of any government to ensure that development was provided for all. “Our agenda is to address the issue of socio-economic inequalities, it is our top priority.

The mess that we are currently in was not created by God but by man. It was not God’s intention that other people should have three meals a day and others don’t. He did not start by creating the rich and then whatever was left He created the poor…He created us equal. People just hear about development but they have never experienced it,” Kabimba said. “…If you have a President who is always dozing on duty, we will continue to suffer, let us not blame God. It is unfair that while other children go to school or college others can’t afford. We need to fight poverty; we need to ensure that the economy is doing well for the Zambians.

We need leaders that can help transform this country.” He said ensuring social justice for all Zambians was another important issue because the current justice system was only enjoyed by the elite. Kabimba said it was unfortunate that a person who buried K2.1 billion could be convicted and released, and another convicted of defiling a child could be pardoned for praising the President while a poor Zambian who steals a sweet serves three years. “The current justice system is unfair. We need equality before the law because social justice knows no tribe or status,” he said. And Kabimba said the current Zambian governance system was full of selfish human beings who did not care about the welfare of others as long as they were eating themselves.

“You can’t have a fair society if others are hungry. This situation can’t continue because everyone is entitled to happiness. What have our people done to deserve bad leaders every five years?”  asked Kabimba “Even with the national debt, it’s not them [political leaders in government] who are going to pay back; it’s the Zambian people. So we need to get them out so that the country doesn’t accumulate more debt. The youths should be more concerned and get these people out. The redemption of our people must be for everybody so that they live happily.”


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