‘Stop deducting soldiers salaries to fund Green Buffaloes’

I write to express my displeasure on how salaries for servicemen especially in The Zambia Army are tempered with. Who on earth has the right to effect deductions on my salary? Someone just wakes up and give a directive to deduct Kr50 from my salary to sponsor Green Buffaloes Football Club. Is GBFC my child? Is it my responsibility to keep this club alive?

If the Army has failed to manage this club then let the club be sold or disbanded. Please refund us these monies and find other options. First option let these senior officers cut down on their allowances and fuel then channel the same MONIES  to GBFC.

That kr 50 can see me get bread for my family for 10 days. I never left the village to come here to become an NGO OF Zambia Army. For heaven’s

sake l am already a tax payer l don’t have to be subjected to paying illegal tax. This is a day light Robbery. Or maybe this is the more money in the pocket which was loudly advocated for by the PF regime.

You should not forget that although us servicemen we look idol,we can run over the country.


1st Commando Unit


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