Stop enticing the Litunga with bribes – Veep Inonge Wina told

Stop enticing the Litunga with bribes – Veep Inonge Wina told

Inonge Wina

Inonge Wina

Barotse nationals have warned PF and Zambian vice President Inonge Wina not to be frequenting the Litunga and enticing him with bribes from President Edgar Lungu so as to frustrate their decision for self rule, which has now attracted international attention.

And in an interview with the Watchdog, the Acting Adminitrator General said that Lungu will be booed the same way he was booed in Solwezi whenever he visits Western province.

We hereby reproduce the letter in full as made available to the Zambian watchdog.



Your Honor Inonge Wina,

Welcome to Barotseland. We hope this letter finds you in good health, and we wish to pass our greetings to you with troubled and heavy hearts regarding the challenges we have faced in relation to Barotseland’s self determination since 1964.

Just to take you back, during the run-up to the Zambian independence in the 1950-60, Sir Mwanawina III KBE (The first and last African in central Africa to be so honoured by the British Monarchy) was made very unpopular to the large majority of his people by the Lozi nationalists who formed BASMO (Barotse anti-secession movement) headed by Arthur Notulu Lubinda Wina, who happened to be your husband until his death in 1993 and Sikota Wina his brother.

As elites of Barotseland, they primarily ensured that Barotseland joined Northern Rhodesia to form a country we now call Zambia.

Your late husband, on learning of Mwanawina’s attempts not to join Northern Rhodesia in their quest for independence, connived with others to oppose Sir Mwanawina’s efforts for Barotseland independence.

Sikota Wina, then UNIP’s publicity chief, declared and we quote; “if Mwanawina breaks away, he will be doing so illegally and we will be justified in overthrowing him”. END Quote.

What surprises us and indeed many Barotse Nationals is that while you and the then President Michael Sata campaigned on resolving this issue in 2011; your actions are contrary to your promises. We know that you are very much aware of the resolve that was made by Barotseland in 2012 when it declared itself independent from the rest of the failed state of Zambia, but it appears it’s this resolve by the people of Barotseland which has even positioned you in that seat as Zambia’s first female vice president mainly to frustrate Barotseland’s independence which is now at the international stage.

We know that even your coming now is to pave way for president Lungu to meet the Litunga and betray the people of Barotseland with restoration of the Barotse Agreement 1964 under the new name of Barotseland Agreement 2015. We, however, want to assure you that this time it shall not work.

We, therefore, wish to appeal to you with the following issues:

1. You should personally stop using the name of being Lozi to frustrate Barotseland’s Independence with immediate effect.

2. That you should stop frequenting the Litunga’s palace as an agent of and on behalf of the Zambian Government by enticing him with bribes.

3. We wish to caution you that you are repeating the betrayal act which your late husband did for going against the will and wishes of the people of Barotseland.

4. We urge your Government to meet with the people of Barotseland to work out transitional agreements (period) between the two Countries.

Sincerely Yours,

Barotseland Nationals

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