Stop insulting others on social media, HH advises supporters

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he does not condone any person insulting or demeaning other people on social media in the name of UPND.

Hichillema says people who insult others on social media in the name of UPND are not genuine members but enemies of the party.

Hichilema was speaking when he met youthful supporters on Thursday.

‘We shall not develop our country if we continue along that path. We need to work together for the future.

‘For me, I am looking for a new crop of leaders that can robustly debate and engage each other in a civil manner.

‘I want to see who wins the debates on how we can reduce the price of mealie meal, reduce the price of sugar, the price of cement and generally reduce the cost of living for our people without insulting each other,’ Hichilema said.
He said he wants to keenly follow debates on how ‘we can provide better education, better health care, agriculture policies, mining taxations and all that without resorting to demeaning and insulting each other’.

‘Remember, regardless of who we are and where we come from, we all go to the same shops, hospitals, schools, use same buses, etc, and solutions on how to better these facilities will not come from demeaning and insulting each other.

‘This country needs unity of purpose more than before instead of the usual acrimonious behaviour we’ve seen from other parties, especially Zambia being a Christian nation, he said.

Hichilema said that In a democracy, ‘I know sometimes we may have political differences on a number of issues, but our strength should be on how we iron out those differences in a civil manner because ultimately we all seek for a better country and future.

‘For our supporters, my message is very simple. Please be level headed no matter how much you are provoked, not only on social media platforms, but in all your conduct. That’s the only way people will notice the difference and win more people.’

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