Stop lying, its your budget, Singombe tell GBM

UPND Dundumwezi Member of Parliament Edgar Sing’ombe has advised Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba not to mock Zambians by claiming that the PF government is currently operating on the MMD government’s budget.
Mr. Sing’ombe says that it wrong for Mr. Mwamba to make such remarks because the budget which parliament approved in December 2011 was for PF and not MMD.
He said that it was misleading for a senior government official to make such a false statement which he said was not true.
“You see it’s very wrong and misleading for someone like Mr. Mwamba to tell the nation such a false statement because it is misleading” he said.
Mr. Sing’ombe that the fact that the PF government delayed to announce the national budget last year was a clear sign and indication that they were adjusting on the budget so that it can fit their party’s manifesto.
He said that Mr. Mwamba and his PF government should just admit their failure and stop accusing the MMD.
Mr. Sing’ombe said that many Zambians have already known that the PF government has failed but it has continued to play games by accusing the MMD.
He suggested that UPND is more than willing to govern the nation and advised the PF government t step down.
The MP said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is young and capable of running the nation because his party has plans to better the lives of many Zambians.
“If PF have failed then they should step down and allow Hichilema to takeover and run the nation” He said.
Mr. Sing’ombe was reacting to Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba’s message the PF government will start delivering tangible development to the people by next year because it is operating using the former MMD government’s budget which has made it impossible for them to undertake certain developments.

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