Stop lying, PF is just broke, FDD tells Mulusa

The explanation by Lucky Mulusa that MOST projects embarked by the PF Government are FAILING because their is no coordination between The Road Development Agency and Contractors is not only untrue but lousy and flimsy, says FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.
‘ The simple reason why projects such as L400, Pave Zambia 2000, Link 8000, construction of schools and clinics have stalled is that the Government has no money to pay contractors to do the work. This Government is broke and it’s surviving on Kaloba,; Mwanza said.
He said that the reason the Government is contracting debts on almost a monthly basis just to sustain its daily operations.

He said the PF Government embarked on so many projects without proper planning especially on the source of funding for these projects. This lack of planning and foresight coupled with corruption, theft, misappropriation of funds and bad corporate governance is the problem here. Even the Euro bond has been squandered. Zambia Railways Limited has failed to purchase new wagons despite getting 120 million dollars. Government took RDA, an agency that was allocated 10% of the National Budget to State House. And for over one year RDA was operating without the Board. Willie Nsanda became a sole proprietor of RDA. How can you have transparency and accountability? How can you fight theft and misuse of public funds when you allow one man to be in control of everything. Despite being broke the Government has continued to pronounce more projects which they are failing to commission.
‘The sad part is that most of the money that has been squandered was borrowed money. This is why we have always argued that there is need to put a law that will bring an end to this reckless borrowing and reckless spending.
‘No loan should be contacted without the approval of Parliament. The State has to prove the need for the loan and has to provide stringent financial regulations to prove that the borrowed money won’t be misused. Unfortunately, we have to pay the contractors for idle time. And we have to pay the lenders with interest. There is too much unplanned for expenditure and reckless spending by this Government’ Mwanza explained.

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