Stop mocking starving children, HH tells Sata

Finally President Michael Sata has admitted that children in this country go without food. He said this on Saturday in Mkushi South on Saturday by faking concern about the plight of the children that were paraded to attend his rally. 

This confirms what UPND have been saying that there is hunger in this country. It has always been our position that mealie meal and prices of other essential commodities have gone up, beyond the reach of most Zambian families. This upwards price adjustment was exacerbate by the removal of maize and fuel subsidies. Mkushi South is rural, therefore when you find people that go without three meals a day; it spells a disastrous agriculture policy being pursued by the PF government. How else can one explain the fact that on one hand we are celebrating a bumper harvest while on the other, children are going about without food and have to be paraded for Mr. Sata to make political capital. Parading children in front of cameras for a head of state to make political capital is outright immoral.

That statement from Sata surely shows that he and his Government do not know how to reduce hunger and poverty for the majority of Zambians, he better continue his vacation in state house at tax payers expense or vacate office. 

I have covered the country by road from Vubwi and Kasenengwa in Eastern Province, then proceeded to Mkushi in Central province and I am now in the remotest parts of Zambia in Solwezi and Zambezi West. The last time I took this trail, people were not this poor, but in the last three years, the poverty Mr. Sata and his PF government have caused the people of Zambia is unacceptable.

Mr. Sata has the luxury of flying over these problems, those of us that travel by road meet children and adults in dire need of good agriculture policies as well as basic social services such as health care, education, water and sanitation. It is such a pity that three years in office, Mr. Sata has lamentably failed to address problems those children and their parents are facing due to poor Governance and poor policies which are self serving.

It is actually cheap politicking by Mr. Sata to be mocking those children that they are hungry and the vulnerable in society when he is the one who put them in that situation. What is also disheartening is this emerging culture where politicians, especially those in government, have now resorted to taking advantage of the same people they have made poor, by offering them bribes during elections so that they can vote for them, a situation which is killing democracy.

One would expect Mr. Sata and his PF government to be offering solutions to the majority of the vulnerable in society instead of parading and humiliating them publicly as the case was on Saturday in Mkushi South. Fellow politicians let us desist from behaving in a manner that puts our fellow citizens in a predicament and public embarrassment.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president

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