Stop peddling cheap lies, Amsterdam tells Sakeni

Minister of Information Kennedy Sakeni is attempting to mislead the Zambian by spreading lies, says Robert Amsterdam.

Responding to a statement distributed by Sakeni’s office today claiming that the Zambian people were “insulted” by information regarding the misconduct of the Patriotic Front, Amsterdam issued the following statement:

“It is very meaningful that Minister Sakeni has been reduced to peddling misinformation to deceive the Zambian people,” said Amsterdam.  ”Anyone can go to my website and see exactly what I said, which related to Fred M’membe disrespecting Zambian citizens by publishing false news.  If this is all that the Minister of Information has to say with regard to the long list violations and abuses committed by the PF government, then we must conclude that he agrees with the accusations.”

“I demand a retraction and apology from Mr. Sakeni immediately, whose defamatory statement represents a clearly intentional attempt to mislead and provoke the Zambian people.  Such dishonesty is unbecoming of a serious government official, and a sign of the PF’s failure to respond to the interests of the public.”

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