Stop removing teachers from Lufwanyama

Dear Editor,
I am a teacher in Lufwanyama, a rural district on the copperbelt. Editor, I am not happy with the madness that has been going on in the district for a long time now. Please help me expose this so that people can see the problems which are currently eating away our education system.
The DEBS office does not love the rural child of Lufwanyama. I say so because they are taking away from them the teachers who can help them become future leaders. For a longtime now, most schools have been under staffed. There are schools running from Grade 1 to 9 which have five teachers. Imagine how these work?
Over the December holiday, the office has dubiously given many transfers to teachers from these understaffed schools to over populated schools near Kalulushi. For example a School like Nkana Primary has over 40 teachers. One lower Grade has more than two teachers. They just give themselves days to teach. But people at the office still find it wise to take a teacher away from an understaffed school like Mafuta to an already oversaffed school. Is this normal? Watchdog, some of the schools with excess teachers are Nkana, Chapula, St. Joseph Primary, Chantete, Kankunko, Milemu among others. Come January, many teachers will unfairy make their way to these schools at the expense of the child. As for those who can’t bribe, they will remain in the jungle over working and giving low grade education while others get free money.
I challenge the ministry to look into this issue with the urgency it deserves. If politicians love the rural child, they now have a chance to speak for the voiceless rural child of Lufwanyama. Thank you for helping me watchdog expose this. With hold my name please!

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