Stop sex lessons on schools – Mwanza

Stop sex lessons on schools – Mwanza

img_1306 img_1307Forum for Democracy and Development-FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says it is immoral to teach school going kids sexual gymnastics to have sex as long as they use condoms and contraceptives.

And Antonio Mwanza has questioned why government has decided to abandon culture and biblical instructions and decided to reward children with sexual immorality.

Mwanza has condemned the decision by the Ministry of Education which has been conducting Workshops in schools across the country were schools are directed to be distributing condoms and contraceptive pills to school kids and to ensure that teachers include in their lessons sex “education” in every lesson.

He says to begin with sexual gymnastics for school going kids are immoral, illicit and should be condemned and not rewarded.

He observes that giving contraceptives to children is actually encouraging them and essentially giving them a go-ahead to do each other.

He says by giving them contraceptive pills and condoms one is actually telling the kids that you are free to have illicit sex, just use condoms and contraceptive pills.

The FDD spokesperson who is also UNZASU president says such a policy does not inculcate good morals in children, it to the contrary encourages them to engage themselves in sexual intercourse.

He adds that children should be taught morals and punished for immoral behavior adding that the country cannot fight teen pregnancy by dishing out condoms and contraceptive pills to kids. ‘”Kids you are free; go doda yourselves, after all you can’t impregnate or get pregnant, you have contraceptives”

Schools should be centres of knowledge and excellence and not dens of fornication and child pornograph. Schools must be there to teach children morals and to inculcate responsible and good behaviour and not to encourage and reward bad behaviour.”Mwanza said.

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