Stop stealing, the poor are crying, priest tells Lungu

Stop stealing, the poor are crying, priest tells Lungu

Edgar Lungu should come to his senses and know that he is leader of the poor who he should put as priority number one, says Catholic priest Fr Kennedy Chola.  And Fr Chola says the Church is praying for President Lungu to know that riches are not everything on this earth. Commenting on the eSwatini land saga, Fr Chola said the poor are crying day and night.

“Our people, the poor people of Zambia, are crying day and night yet the President has opted to give them a deaf ear. President Edgar Lungu should come to his senses and know that he is leader of the poor people,” Fr Chola said.

“This insatiable love for money in the President Lungu-led regime has made him a very unpopular President. The arrogance of his advisers has made his presidency unpleasant. No one can envy the presidency of President Lungu. Zambians are suffering and the President has decided to give them a deaf ear. This is the start of his downfall. We don’t want him to fail. So as a Church, we are praying for him to know that riches are not everything on earth.”

He said President Lungu and his cabinet should feel for the poor and suffering Zambians. Fr Chola said the love for corrupt money in the current government was so alarming.

“We need to have leaders that think about the poor. We can’t have a leadership that is so much concerned about their personal pockets. Zambians are not foolish to vote for leadership. Zambians voted for President Lungu and he should be a servant and not a leader of riches, which he never had. Yes, he can make money here and there, but not at the rate we are moving,” he said.

“In [the] history of Zambia, this is the highest in terms of thieving. They can steal without any shame and want to defend their stealing. What is shocking most is the desperation to defend their stealing. They can even go to the extent of parading innocent traditional leaders in the villages to defend this stealing, God can never be mocked.”

Fr Chola said the same measures being used to steal would be the same used for their down fall. He said the cry of a Zambian mother who was living in poverty would not be in vain.

“Even the teachings of the bible are very clear; ‘will a man rob God?’ That can never happen. So if they think they are robbing the people, it’s the same people of God who they are punishing. Criminals have ganged up to steal from the people. This is very sad and evil. God is watching. God can never be mocked by man. The Spirit of God will never strive with man over his people,” said Fr Chola.

The Times of Swaziland recently revealed that eSwatini, formerly Swaziland, is set to become President Lungu’s second home with a multi-million dollar mansion likely to be built for him in a golf course in Manzini. Information minister Dora Siliya, in confirming President Lungu’s eSwatini land, claimed that the land was given to him by the authorities (King Mswati) but it later emerged that it belonged to Inyatsi Properties Limited, whose Zambian subsidiary has been awarded major road contracts.

The eSwatini government has also repudiated the claim saying the land issue was private as there was no documentation that the establishment had processed. Zambians have been angered by the revelations with some calling for a fresh impeachment motion against the President while others are suggesting protests.

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