Stop taking part in mob killings

Stop taking part in mob killings


Me I think the same PF gassers are also inciting mobs to kill people. This is all coordinated. Please members of the public, i appeal to you in the name of God to stop taking part in these killings because you are actually helping the gassers.

You are unknowingly taking part in ritual killings.

Just see how fast the tyres for burning are organised? It’s like someone had been on standby with tyres. The gassers themselves point at innocent people, stop innocent motorists and lie to you that this is the gasser. Then you in misguided anger, you finish off the innocent person on behalf of the gassers. Maybe they have bee told by their god that for juju to work,members of the public must take part and sacrifice should be in public. Why for example don’t they use gas that kills? Why are they not been taken to court when arrested by police? When did we Zambians become so inhuman as to burn someone, not one but many people live that and not in one area but in al parts of the country ? No, this is a well coordinated project and you are being used unknowingly. Please stop ✋ stop taking part in burning people. Gassed are using you. When you catch one, hand then over to soldiers. Am not sure about the police.

It looks like they gave you whistles to encourage mob killings.

Remember: people are not dying from being gassed but from being burnt and stoned by members of the public. And yet the gassing continues.:.

Please stop. Don’t be part of the killers. ✋ stop ✋
Chilekwa . K

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