Stop the nonsense

What happened in Lusaka yesterday was simply evil and intolerable.

The culture of violence should not be allowed to entrench itself in Zambia. There will be no winners.

Residents might be angry and in most cases hungry. But we have not reached a point where we should start killing each other, in fact we should never reach that stage. There is no need to loot shops of non-Zambians living and doing business in Zambia under any pretext. It is simply criminal. If people know of certain individuals who have committed crimes, they should effect a citizen’s arrest and hand over that person to the police. There will be no order and no country if each one of us will will become a police officer, judge, jury, witness and hangman unto himself. It doesn’t work. Ritual murders have been committed in Zambia, yes but we do not solve these problems by stealing or killing our neighbors.  The police have not done a good job on these cases but we do not have to react violently. We can demonstrate peacefully without resorting to animal behavior. There is no justifications whatsoever for looting other people’s shops let alone killing people.

We are also shocked that a person who appears to have links with the UPND, Larry Mweetwa can celebrate the killing of another person.

Mweetwa, a person who says he leads a group of UPND supporters in UK posted pictures of a person killed during the riots with the following words:


Residents go information that this is the guy linked to PF politicians in need of Male organ diamonds.’

Now we find these words by Mweetwa very hurtful and inhuman. We can not believe that a normal person can write such foolishness when a person he does not even know has been murdered. Mweetwa does not even have proof that the person killed is guilty. Even if this person was guilty, there is a civilized way offenders are punished. What has been done to this person is murder. We wish the UPND could disassociate themselves from such stupidity. It does not do them any good in the eyes of man and God.

This is not the Zambia we want to create for us and our children. There are enough examples around the world to teach us that violence does not build nations. It destroys. Let us not be at war with ourselves.

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