Stop wasting money on Malawian Judge Chikopa – Alliance for Good Governance

Stop wasting money on Malawian Judge Chikopa – Alliance for Good Governance

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The Alliance for Good Governance says government should update the nation on the status of Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who is chairperson of a tribunal appointed to probe three Judges.

Alliance chairperson Reverend Phukuta Mwanza says the nation would like to know how much government is spending for his upkeep while in the country.

Reverend Mwanza, who is also Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director, says government should also explain the relevance of Justice Chikopa’s continued stay in the country at the expense of tax payer’s money.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting in Lusaka this morning, Reverend Mwanza says government should exercise caution and be prudent in the utilization of public resources instead of extravagantly wasting it by keeping a Judge who has not officially started working on his assignment.

The Alliance for Good Governance is a consortium of organizations among them; the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP), the Operation Young Vote and the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA).

Others are the Zambia Federation for the Disabled (ZAFOD), the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and 2410.

And the Alliance has also expressed regret over the continued lack of consultation between the Patriotic Front government and opposition political parties on national development.

Reverend Mwanza says the absence of consultation does not help in fostering a positive relationship in a multi-party democratic system, where political diversity is an essential element for checks and balances.

He has since urged the Patriotic Front, being a party in government, to take up the initiative of calling on opposition political parties to dialogue so as to help bring about reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Reverend Mwanza has observed that the delay in putting up a legal frame work to back the constitution making process will grossly affect the legitimacy of the technical committee.

He says the Alliance laments the lack of critical direction and roadmap in the constitution making process as the committee has failed the draft constitution within the stipulated 90 days.

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