Stop your verbal diarrhoea – VJ tells PF’s Davies Chama

Stop your verbal diarrhoea – VJ tells PF’s Davies Chama

Dr VJ?

Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says President Lungu must show Zambians that he is for an inclusive government by taming his wayward Secretary general Davis Chama. He described Chama’s recent tribal remarks against the Tonga people as verbal diarrhoea.

But even after traditionalists in Western and Southern province demanded for Chama to retract his demeaning statement that Tonga women must bear their polygamous husbands many children so that one of them can be president after 100 years, Chama has refused to tender any apology.

Dr. Mwaanga said Chama’s remarks had potential to fuel tribal conflict among Zambians who have lived under the ‘One Zambia one nation motto’ since independence.

Meanwhile, the watchdog is in receipt of another dossier about how Chama who is Zambia Railways board chairman is ripping the company of its assets in league with other senior company officials. We suspect President Lungu may not be aware of this scam, but then this story is for another time.

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